Bamboo: Working with Bamboo is not as intimidating as many might think at first. There are some good videos on YouTube by Mr. Bruce ( and they explain pretty much everything. I just didn't like his description of how to split big bamboo spars that much. So I made a quick and dirty 1 minute video showing how I do it. 

I find my bamboo about 100 m away from my office at the university. We have many very healthy and big bamboo plants around like the one shown here. These ones are next to the school of architecture and they grow very fast. As a result, the gardener have a hard time keeping up with the cleaning and have started a nice pile on which they put bamboo that is cut into pieces that actually fit in my car (about 2 m long) - there diameter is up to about 15 inches - maybe sometimes more. The bamboo here doesn't have a large node-to-node distance which makes it a bit harder to work with it compared to Chinese bamboo etc. - I am still looking for plants with larger distance then I got thus far. Anyhow, it is free for me. People are just curious why this crazy German Prof. is shlepping around bamboo on campus ;P. They don't know the secrets of this quite wonderful plant. I am planning to build myself a table out of bamboo. Should look magnificant. 

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