March 02, 2009

Today was nice - my kid had soccer practice and their field is right next to the beach. Gives me one hour on the beach to fly some kites until the sun sets right now. I took two to the beach and had a ball with one of my Black Orchids with bamboo spars. Most people were wondering what that little kite was doing all over the place with a seemingly crazy person pulling the line in weird ways. Lol. The Orchid look nice in front of red clouds when the sun was setting - we mostly have NE wind which makes this happening practically every day. Must make some photos or a video next :).

Then I flew a kite I made in Germany in 1988 or so - some Hata type of thing. Oo, what a crap. I had much too flexible spars in that one and it was sooo slow. Well, one learns I guess. This one is really terrible, all wrong. Spar also not in pockets which makes the kite even more slow ;P.

Anyhow, then the wind died down and even my Orchid couldn't deal with it anymore - it isn't that light due to the applique work on it and the use of the usual ripstop.

Anyhow, was nice.