Hello, welcome to my Kite Site. Here you will find a lot of information on kites from around the world and the people who made them. I started making kites fall 1990 and was a known kite-aholic. I took a break making kites for about 10 years (1999) and recently (2009) started building again. I already finished about 8 larger new nice kites this year and more are being made right now. I am slowly in the process of resurrecting Kai's Kite Site and bring some of the content back on-line. Basically every month stuff is added to the site.

August 2009: Update to Rokkaku and 2009 gallery. The new Kai-Lifter.

June 2009: In 2009 gallery new kites (Genki, OKD, Karabanga) and videos; two new wall papers; new section gadgets opened.

March 2009: Updates to 2009 (Pit Pull Dog and Parrot Videos); several other updates in various other sections.

Febr. 29: Update to 2009 gallery (Sode and Fled), video on how to split bamboo in workshops.

Febr. 19: Fighter Kites under galleries added including video; wallpaper section opened; 2009 kites update. 

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