Simple and effective!

This is the simple and effective way to attach line junk to the kite line. Just put the carabiner in by grabbing the line obove it and click it 3 times through the opening. Now turn the carabiner and attach the swivel to the line junk. In this manner the line strength is preserved. 

 Simple and effective!

This is a sand anchor made with seat belt webbing and 1.5 onz. rip stop nylon. Dig a hole, put it in, dig it in deep. In the image the bag has only been burried a little to show it. It is 1 x 1 meter. 

 The winder!

I practically only use these hard wood winders in varying sizes up to 24 inches wide (that is more than half a meter!). By roling the line in number eight on the winder, you do not get twists, it fits easily in kite bags. Also simply beautiful! It has to be made from hardwood and should be 18-20 mm thick.

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