Three of my Rokkakus in flight Febr. 2009 in Puerto Rico, Pinones Beach. It was a wonderful day with about 3-4 Beaufort wind. The names of the Rokkakus which were made around 1994 are Patchwork, Chucalissa (frequently referred to as Turtle) and Seeing. They are about 8 feet tall and have an extremly light ProSpar Comp carbon fiber frame.  


My Rokkaku Danger of the Sun II. I made this kite in 1995 and it is still flying today as one can see on the video. The kite is about 2.4 meters high and has glass fiber spars as frame (Ret505 and 610). It can produce tremendous pull one one should handle it with care. My method of start in this video is probably not to be recommended as the spars may break or you may get injured. I did it here to quickly check whether the bridle was adjusted ok after >10 years of storage in a dark corner. 

The motive - done in reverse applique technique - is kind off a ying and yang of the sun - the good (origin of life) and the bad (death). I probably should have put this one in some competitions, but I never did.

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