Wallpapers (personal use only - copyright 2009 - Griebenow/Ferrer)


Full-size .jpg files for you to download (right-click, save target as) and use as background on your computer. After downloading, just right-click the image and select Set as Desktop Background.


037.jpg - three horses alone on a beach in Puerto Rico (a family) - credit: Yancy Ferrer

066.jpg - three Rokkakus like gems on a deep-blue sky. - credit : Yancy Ferrer

Pics-Jan-2009 033.gif - Genki - credit: Yancy Ferrer

june2009 019.jpg - OKD - credit: Kai Griebenow

037.JPG 037.JPG
Size : 551 Kb
Type : JPG
066.JPG 066.JPG
Size : 475 Kb
Type : JPG
Pics-Jan-2009 033.jpg Pics-Jan-2009 033.jpg
Size : 1025 Kb
Type : jpg
june2009 019.jpg june2009 019.jpg
Size : 912 Kb
Type : jpg
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